Dan's Background

Dan joined the Army at 18 years of age as a Combat Engineer and over the following 14 years, he served in five different regiments and two training establishments. Dan has deployed on overseas operations three times to East Timor, Afghanistan, and Fiji for Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief. 

Dan completed his Certificates III and IV in personal training in 2011 and his Strength and Conditioning coaches courses in 2018. He has worked in the personal training industry part-time throughout the past eight years developing his knowledge and skills in fitness. 

Dan studied a Bachelor of Health Science of Nutritional Medicine in order to improve his knowledge of health and fitness as he saw that this was a gap that many people were missing. 


As he was completing his degree he noticed how poor the education and standard of nutrition was in the Army. Now that Dan has discharged from the Army, he is following his passion in performance nutrition and focusing his skills and experience as a clinical nutritionist on helping people improve their health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Dan focuses his services on military personnel, veterans, and athletes looking to achieve their highest potential. 

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  • Certificates III and IV in Personal Training

  • ASCA Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • ASCA Tactical Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Diploma of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine

  • Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine

  • Graduate Diploma in Performance Nutrition - Current