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Athletic Performance Program 


The Athletic Performance program is designed to support athletes of all kinds with their training and competition goals. 

Whether you are an endurance athlete, fighter, team sports player, track and field athlete, or strength athlete this program will support your chosen passion. 

This is done through a detailed Initial Consultation, fortnightly Follow-Up Consultations, as well as real-time Nutritional Tracking and Analysis throughout the individual's development. 

Objectives include:

  • Sports specific nutritional support

  • Race prep and nutritional plan 

  • Hydration testing and analysis 

  • Improved immune function

  • Improved muscle development

  • Improved physical performance 

  • Reduced injury occurrence

  • Improved physical recovery 

  • Improved mental clarity and cognition

  • Weight gain or cutting (sports specific) 

This program is tailored for each client and their specific goals and needs individually. If you're training for an Iron Man, Marathon, or Triathlon, your endurance event needs can be tailored. If you're preparing for a fight, muscle mass integrity and weight loss might be goals that need to be carefully taken care of. If you're doing a team sport that involves back-to-back games, your recovery needs need to be optimized. Or if you're competing in strength sports your muscle mass may need to be maximized.


If any of this sounds like it would suit you then this program may be the answer.

To book or enquire about this program please fill in the form below and Dan will be in contact with you as quickly as possible.