All consultations are via video conferencing

Dan offers 3 primary programs with his clients depending on their demographic.


The Tactical Performace Program is tailored specifically for military and policing personnel and their unique situation. This 1-on-1 program is designed to help tactical personnel reach their health and fitness goals, with emphasis on the client's specific nutritional requirements. 

The Athletic Performance Program provides specialized nutritional support to athletes wanting to improve their health and fitness, covering training-related, races specific and recovery nutrition. 

Dan also offers General Nutritional Consultations to individuals that who would like some health and fitness support around their lifestyle but may not need specific athletic advice. 

Click on the below links for more information or email Dan for any specific questions. 

Tactical Performance Program

A 1-1 program designed to support tactical personnel to reach their highest potential

Athletic Performance Program

An individualized nutritional program for athletes performing at all levels

General Nutritional Consultation

A detailed initial consultation assessing your specific health needs